Meet Leslie

Leslie H. Montanile of H. Montanile’s

My love affair with cooking like most things in my life began with my mother. Ever since I can remember she instilled in me the belief that I could accomplish whatever I wanted to.  Her unconditional love and unwavering confidence in my abilities inspired me first; to become a lawyer – passionate about the clients I represented and the new lives I helped them create.  Second, my mother recognized my passion for cooking and entertaining, while she herself did not cook, she always wondered if I had chosen the wrong career path.  I assured her that was not the case – as cooking was a source of peace and comfort for me that I loved sharing with my family and friends.  Creating meals out of whatever was in my kitchen and bringing a yummy feast to those at my table.  

While practicing law also brought me great satisfaction – after 22 years and my mother’s passing, it did not hold the same gratification as it once did.  Cooking and entertaining, however, had become a much larger part of my life and my husband and son pushed me to pursue a different path that has brought me here. Today, I want to welcome you to my kitchen where I will share with you more than just my recipes.